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“There’s nothing low-rent here; its crust, also East Coast-thin, is made with beer instead of water, allowing a chewy tang that’s malty and rich; its ingredients include the trendy (honey) and counterintuitive (pickles).”

Chicago Tribune

About Bob's

Executive chef/partner Matt Wilde created our unique Pilsen-style Pizza in our first Bob’s Pizza location that opened in Pilsen in March 2019.

Our signature dough is crafted with Chicago favorite Old Style beer, 00 flour, and a secret spice blend.

The dough is hand-stretched and finished with applicable toppings, housemade sauce, and a proprietary three-cheese blend (mozzarella, Parmesan, and Swiss) on most pies before being quick-fired in pizza ovens.

The finished product is a 16-inch pizza that serves two to three guests. Our Pilsen-style pizza is similar in sturdiness and thickness to New York-style pizza while also showcasing Neapolitan-style pizza’s puffy crust.

All our pizzas are finished with chef-driven touches of sea salt, cracked black pepper and herbs after they emerge from the pizza ovens.

several pizza's on table with other food and beer

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Our Chef

Bob’s Pizza executive chef/partner Matt Wilde traces his love of food back to growing up near Minneapolis, Minnesota. 

An avid hunter, fisherman, and gardener growing up, Matt’s formative years gave him a profound appreciation for fresh, locally-grown produce and ingredients.

Matt graduated with honors from the prestigious Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts in Minneapolis/St. Paul. Matt began his cooking career in fine dining restaurants in the Twin Cities, and later traveled to work in France where he learned classic techniques and preparation.​ 

In 2007, Matt moved to Chicago to take a position as sous chef at the contemporary Italian restaurant, 312. In the years following he has served as executive chef at other restaurants including Hubbard Inn and Joy District.

Matt launched Bob’s Pizza as an executive chef in 2019 in Pilsen. Wilde created “Pilsen-style pizza” which utilizes Chicago ‘s favorite Old Style beer in its pizza dough, and also crafted the highly-acclaimed Pickle Pizza which features garlic cream sauce, nut-free mortadella slices, house pickles, fresh dill, signature three-cheese blend.




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